Standing Right At The Top Of Live Casino Segment Is Global Live Casino!

Global Live Casino brings home the action and glitz of land-based casinos and offers players unique gaming experience. there's no reason not to try this awesome site This VueTec powered site offers players multi-currency and multilingual options, creating a global atmosphere.

The VueTec Distance gambling Gaming state of the art software's brilliance shines through at Global Live Casino, from the crisp graphics and awesome features, right down to the vast portfolio of games. This patented software is the leader today and has given live streaming a new definition.

The choice of games includes everything imaginable: online poker, table games, video poker versions, video slots, card games and other games unique to the platform. The best part is that this casino requires no download as it uses the latest Java technology.

What players look for with real-time video and audio is the functionality and this casino has nailed it here. Players never experience any delays with this user-friendly software.

Play live casino games like Blackjack, microgaming, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat at Global Live Casino, directly broadcast from a land-based casino in Europe. The fact is that most other 'live' casinos stream games from studios created specifically for this purpose.

Since all their games come from the famous Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin, players can see live guests of the casino placing bets and then join them at the tables at any time. Can it get any more real than this?

Global Live Casino online gaming is also known to offer a wealth of bonuses and other incredibly interesting rewards to its players. Their 1st deposit bonus of 100% is the best that is available in the live casino area. As if that's not enough, they also offer a further bonus on all the future deposits. There is also a bonus for referring a friend, enabling players to introduce others to this casino too, and this is an easy task as players would whole-heartedly tell people about this casino.

Although all these wonderful options are not open to players from the United States as of now, people remain hopeful that someday they can be part of this great casino.

With great customer support, a real casino experience, Global Live Casino stands at the very top, leading the live casino arena. The thrill of playing live games at a trustworthy casino from the comfort of your home is undoubtedly wonderful and needs to be experienced.