Bpay Payment Methods

BPay is one of the most utilized electronic payment gateways in Australia and New Zealand. While it is a great option here in casino-999.net for those who favor convenience when it comes to paying bills, online casino-goers can benefit from these safe and quick transactions as well.

Funding a Casino Account

People who enjoy gambling in online venues are especially fond of the BPay payment gateway due to the quick access to funds from several sources. Most of the casinos available to Australians allow their patrons to use the BPay service; players list of games must simply click the BPay link on the casino's banking page. At this point, the player will provide their BPay login information, select an amount to deposit, and then select a source of funding; this could be a bank account, credit card, or even a telephone bill, where applicable. The funds are transferred immediately and all information sent over the internet is encrypted using the latest technology.

Available Currencies and Languages

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages in casino website to the BPay system is that it is targeted solely toward an Australian market. It is supported by more than 170 banks and financial institutions in the Australian region, and all of the transactions through the BPay service must be completed in Australian dollars. Currently, the only language the BPay system supports is Australian English, though this may change as the population of Australia continues to become more diverse.

When it comes to funding an online gaming casino account in Australia or New Zealand, there is no safer or faster method than BPay. Thousands of customers rely on the BPay service each and every day for making casino deposits, purchasing goods and paying bills quickly and efficiently.